6 part lesson series
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Spatial Reasoning
In this 6 part lesson series we will go through 6 types of spatial reasoning topics, of the generic 11+/13+ tests, Non-verbal Reasoning.
Spatial Reasoning
We will run through the tests together in the lesson and each student will have a turn to practice and give their reasoning for their choice.

Topics include:

lesson 1 - Hidden shapes: finding the the shape on the left that are hidden in one of the five shapes on the right.

lesson 2 - Paper folding: You must decide how the paper would look once folded, punched and resultant unfolded paper.

lesson 3 - Jigsaw: You have to find the missing jigsaw that will complete the shape

lesson 4 - Matching shape: match the shape on the left with the shape that has been spun around on the right

lesson 5 - Block counting: You are given a block structure and you have to choose the number of blocks in the pile

lesson 6 - Combining shapes - This question is about combining shapes, chose the final shape that is a combination of the base shape and the shape on the right, take rotation into account.

Learning Goals
  • Learners should be confidents in their non-verbal reasoning abilities and be able to reason through difficult examples
  • To be to recognize non-verbal reasoning questions from 11+/13+ tests and be able to reason to find solution in problems
  • Good geometry background and English fair - good
  • practise worksheets
Time commitment
  • 45 min lessons (6 days)
1 - 3 times a week 6-Time Course
50 minutes Class Duration
3 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 9-14 Age Range
USD 96.14 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

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