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Help Your Children Unleash Their Full Potential

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a wholesome human? Do you ever worry that you are not helping your children enough to fully grow and reach all of their potential? Life as a student may seem straightforward. They study well, they get good grades, they are at the top of the class, and somehow we parents feel like they are doing well and are assured that they will succeed in life. But is that all it takes to be successful? 

While conservative educators put a lot of weight on academic excellence, more and more graduates find themselves in an innovative and high-tech working environment that requires them to not only have the technical skills but also communication skills, problem-solving skills, and team work to go with it. A survey by the Society of Human Resources found that companies highly value soft skills in employee candidates. To top that off, a study by the tech giant Google called Project Oxygen shows that there’s a high correlation between someone’s soft skills and their continuing success in an organization. So if you think that math and science is all you need for success, think again!

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