Math Geometry: Solids
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Math Geometry: Solids
This course is designed for year 7 UK curriculum using a variety of materials and is designed to be fun and interesting for learners to practice their spatial awareness. This is a generic math 11+ course up to ages 14, covering solid shape concepts.
Math Geometry: Solids
Material is selected from the IB MYP year 7 Mathematics but supported by lots of Math material.

It is made to help students practice their spatial awareness in terms of solids, as well as apply these concepts through identifying shapes, drawing on isometric paper and constructing nets.

Lesson 1 - Naming 3D shapes and their features, concept check (surface, edge, vertex), Drawing shapes (sphere, cone, triangular/square-based pyramids)
HW: Ex 15A

Lesson 2: Prisms, household prisms (tissue box, Toblerone), identifying pyramids,
HW: constructing different pyramids

Lesson 3: Nets of solids, taking apart a box to view a net, making a cone using a net
HW: Ex 15B

Lesson 4: Drawing Solids on isometric paper, cubic representations
HW: Ex 15D
Learning Goals
  • Understand concepts such as length, width, height, face, edge and vertex in terms of solids.
  • Name types and features of 3-D shapes
  • Know how to draw and name solids
  • Know the difference between prisms and pyramids
  • Identify and draw nets for different 3-D shapes from household objects
  • Investigate making cones
  • Redrawing shapes and block solids on isometric paper
  • Students will be able to gain spatial awareness of 3-D solids. They will be able to identify and draw features of solids.
  • Must have good English and have some background in geometry
  • Homework and investigative tasks will be assigned and answers need to be sent before the next lesson
External Resources
  • Textbook - IB MYP Mathematics year 7
Time commitment
  • 45 min lesson weekly
Supply List
  • pen, paper and calculator
Once a week 4-Time Course
45 minutes Class Duration
1 Kid Maximum Class Size
Ages 11-14 Age Range
USD 223.51 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

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