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Intro to Algebra
In this Algebra course students will learn how to use the alphabet to replace numbers in math!

It is a fun and interesting way to solve problems and forms the bases of more complex calculus.
Intro to Algebra
In this students will be introduced to algebraic notation, as well as different types of expressions. Students will be given practice sums and will have to simplify expressions and write algebraic expressions the correct way. Students will be comfortable with concepts like 'like terms', 'products' and knowing how to use the order of operations in algebra.

This course will be a 4 part lesson series, and the age level will be year 8 (11-14 years)

This is a per class price ~ feel free to group with your friends to join the class.

Homework will be assigned after each lesson.

Learning Goals
  • Students will be able to write and recognize different algebraic expressions
  • students will understand how to simplify algebraic expressions
  • substitution will be a familiar and natural concept
External Resources
  • Textbook - IB MYP Mathematics year 8
Time commitment
  • 50 min lesson (4 lessons)
Once a week One-Time Class
50 minutes Class Duration
3 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 11-14 Age Range
USD 48.07 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Hi there!
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In 2017, I went on two research trips out in the open Ocean, one in the South Atlantic and the other in the Southern Ocean – yes, I have been to Antarctica, it is magnificent!
Now I run my own online tutoring business, where I can help mentor and shape students’ minds to understand and enjoy maths. One thing I love about my lessons is that I can make them funny by using humour and jokes in the lessons, this is always helps to make maths and science fun!

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I hope to see you in one of my classes!