How to Fuel the Fire Within and Follow Your Dreams

How to Fuel the Fire Within and Follow Your Dreams

Discover your Passion & Purpose to walk into your greatness, take control of your life to live into your purpose and passion. Learn how to move onward and forward with steadfast knowledge toward your destiny. Define your success and walk in to your purpose.


Personal development involves knowledge, attitude, skills, relationships and behavior that can be utilized and outside the classroom. This involves thinking processes, managing emotions, values and relationship along with a range of life skills that assist you. In this 8 weeks class you will gain the tools you need to grow within and become your best self. "The swiftest way to triple your success is to double your investment in personal development."-Robin Sharma
Module 1-Finding your passion and purpose and how to fuel the fire within
Module 2- Know thyself and find your purpose
Module 3-Increase self-esteem and self-care
Module 4-Get to know how to avoid bullying and increase confidence( Building a positive attitude)
Module 5--Build character through which you can move toward success
Module 6- The leader in me ( Leadership is the key to a positive environment , motivation, affirmation)
Module 7-Walk-in purpose towards success & personal development
Module 8- The power within, a recipe for a better you

Learning Goal
  • This involves thinking processes, managing emotions, personal development, values and relationships along with life skills needed to be successful
Language Conducted
  • English
  • Regular participation in the course is essential to guaranteed improvement across these core life skills.
Home Work
  • Worksheets will be provided per module
Time Commitment
  • This course is 8 weeks of continuous lessons and 1 hour commitment per week
  • This is inclusive of your present needs and helping you in your development towards their success. Build personality development and break the barriers and enter into a new dimension
Supply list
  • Instructor will provide worksheets

Class Schedule

4-Time Course
1 hour
Class Duration
10 Kids
Class Size
Ages 8-11
Age Range
USD 177.35 Total
Price Per Learner (USD)

Available Time

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Meet Course teacher

I'm passionate about teaching others, working with the youth gave me a sense of contentment.I believe education  and knowledge are one of the keys towards success. Equip with the right tools can help you navigate between the society norms. As a parents and mentor my biggest fears were how my children will be able to survive outside my walls, therefore I can proudly said I equipped my children and the ones who were under my care to become : Marines, Army,Pharmacists, school teacher, Doctor, Registered Nurse, Lawyer, Bank Manager, Store Manager, Business Owner, CEO, UN representative and Government official. I have a strong belief in education and the importance of being culturally educated where you can thrive towards life and business. If you have the same fears as I had , I'm the person to help your child to succeed.

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