Discover Your Success DNA as Leader
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Life Skills
Discover Your Success DNA as Leader
Leadership is a way of life, increase confidence, ability to overcome anxiety and nervousness. learn and build leadership skills, breaks barriers, overcomes fears, improving listening skills. Leadership" is a word on everyone's lips, not everyone know how discover their DNA to lead
Discover Your Success DNA as Leader
Module 1-Communication is a Series of Experiences
Module 2-Critical Thinking in your Life
Module 3-The Games of The Six Glasses ( Problem Solving)
Module 4- Develop a Leadership Attitude/Qualities (Remove all the roadblocks to become a great leader)
Learning Goals
  • Increase confidence, ability to overcome anxiety and nervousness, build self-confidence, and learn how to build leadership skills
  • Improving Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, Break Barriers & Fear, and Problem Solving to become a Great Leader
  • Regular participation in the course is essential to guaranteed improvement across these core life skills.
  • Worksheets will be provided per module
Time commitment
  • This course is 4 weeks of continuous lessons and 1 hour commitment per week
Supply List
  • Instructor will provide worksheets
Once a week 4-Time Course
1 hour Class Duration
10 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 16-18 Age Range
USD 236.39 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

I'm passionate about teaching others, working with the youth gave me a sense of contentment.I believe education  and knowledge are one of the keys towards success. Equip with the right tools can help you navigate between the society norms. As a parents and mentor my biggest fears were how my children will be able to survive outside my walls, therefore I can proudly said I equipped my children and the ones who were under my care to become : Marines, Army,Pharmacists, school teacher, Doctor, Registered Nurse, Lawyer, Bank Manager, Store Manager, Business Owner, CEO, UN representative and Government official. I have a strong belief in education and the importance of being culturally educated where you can thrive towards life and business. If you have the same fears as I had , I'm the person to help your child to succeed.