Socialize and Build With Minecraft
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Socialize and Build With Minecraft
In this multi-time class, learners will use their gaming, engineering, design, and social vocabularies to share their weekly Minecraft design challenge builds with their peers.
Socialize and Build With Minecraft
In this course, learners will get to know each other by discussing and sharing their favorite parts of Minecraft! In addition, they will complete weekly build challenges based on that lesson's topic. This is a great opportunity to build speaking skills over the previous week's topics, so having a dictionary, thesaurus, and/or search engine ready to help with descriptions will be helpful.

Learners will each have an opportunity to share their builds with the class and reflect. If a learner is not ready to share because they did not progress as far or time ran out, then they can submit a video or pictures of their build after class. This is a great opportunity for students to share what they are doing in the game in their own time as well as offer up strategies to help others learn and grow in their Minecraft expertise.

During build time, learners are free to chat about anything related to the topic or to socialize and help each other out as needed if they are trying to do something that someone else may have experience with.

My preferred teaching style for this class is to allow the learners to teach as well as learn from each other and share their knowledge with each other, which helps build English language proficiency vocabulary in Minecraft, gaming, building, and socializing. They can share their screens if they are PC users or hold their devices up to the screen to try and let others see what they are doing. There are other screen sharing options for tablets and consoles that we can navigate together. Learners are encouraged to describe what they are doing in the game to help everyone understand how they can positively contribute to everyone else's Minecraft experience. It will also be a safe place for reflecting and relating their Minecraft experiences to the real-world.

Minecraft gamers from any edition of Minecraft and any type of devices are welcome.

Images for the listing are from Canva. There are no trademarked or copyrighted images taken directly from Minecraft.
Learning Goals
  • Learners will collaborate with other Minecraft gamers to share strategies and experiences from the game
  • Learners will use descriptive language and topic-based vocabulary to describe their builds
  • Learners will use problem-solving and design-thinking to create their weekly builds
  • Learners will use time-management to complete their builds
  • Learners will demonstrate their Minecraft knowledge by completing their builds and sharing them
  • Students should have a version of Minecraft that allows them to play in creative, single player, and peaceful mode.
Supply List
  • A computer or tablet for having the class on and a console, tablet, or computer for playing the game on. I would suggest using more than one device if you are using a tablet for Minecraft. If it’s a computer, then it should be fine to use the computer for both the game and the class.
Once a week 4-Time Course
45 minutes Class Duration
6 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 7-11 Age Range
USD 53.93 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Hi there! My name is Robyn Skinner and I am passionate about different types of literacy and STEM. As a teacher who has taught multiple contents at two project-based learning schools, I have seen learners grow and thrive in all of these content areas when they learned them in authentic project-based learning environments and when they were learning important 21st-century skills like collaboration, critical thinking, adaptability, leadership, and digital literacy.

In my 9 years as a PBL teacher and an instructional technologist, I created, co-created, managed, and collaborated on many cross-content projects that integrated English, science, social studies, and engineering. These projects involved world literature, culture, coding, app creation, CAD, digital electronics, renewable energy research and development, Minecraft, etc. I also organized and co-wrote a course curriculum for my district over digital literacy.

When COVID started and the schools had to go virtual, I was working in the instructional technology department in my district and helped teachers in one of the largest school districts in the nation transition to virtual learning. I am very comfortable with instructional technology, learning management systems, online content creation, and other online platforms. I hold two graduate certificates: 1. Multimedia and 2. Online Teaching and Learning.

Building connections with students online is somewhat new for many of us, but it is so much fun and rewarding too! Classroom management also looks different in the digital sphere, but norms, structure, building relations and incorporating plenty of social-emotional check-ins/ice-breakers are so important! I strongly believe in a student-led classroom that involves a lot of student voice and choice in order to have more student buy-in to the content being delivered and learned.

My certifications include English Language Arts and Reading (8-12), English as a Second Language (6-12), Technology Education (6-12), Project Lead the Way certification for Introduction to Engineering Design. I have a B.A. in English with a second major in Child and Family Studies.

I love learning new instructional and digital technologies like Google Tools, video editing tools, planning tools like GoodNotes, KeyNote on iPad, TinkerCAD, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, CAD, and Minecraft for Education. I also love getting organized, setting goals, and learning new ways to teach global graduate skills.

In my class, students will leave with new knowledge, experiences, and will grow in their 21st century skills by collaborating, taking risks, and using critical thinking skills. I hope to see your student there!

I look forward to having you in my class!