From Bullied to The United Nations Ballroom
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Life Skills
From Bullied to The United Nations Ballroom
Bullying is linked to many negative outcomes including impacts on mental health, substance use, and suicide. It is important to talk to kids to determine whether bullying—or something else—is a concern. Kids who are bullied can experience negative physical, social, emotional, academic, drug use and mental health issues.

From Bullied to The United Nations Ballroom
These days more and more people are becoming aware of the various issues related to bullying. Many schools and colleges observe bullying awareness day to bring attention to the gravity of the problem .Bullied students reported that bullying occurred in the following places: the hallway or stairwell at school (43%), inside the classroom (42%), in the cafeteria (27%), outside on school grounds (22%), online or by text (15%), in the bathroom or locker room (12%), and on the school bus (8%).Identifying when a situation is about to take a turn for the worse and walking away is one of the best ways to avoid bullying is important to take initiatives to resolve the problem by creating awareness, understanding the issue better, and inducing safer, inclusive learning toward bully.
Learning Goals
  • Topic of dicussion will be: bullying prevention by organizing it into strategies, comprehensive keys, each filled with teaching points, engaging stories, and actionable advice.
  • How you can Win over Bully to be a leader to speak in front of World leaders at the United Nations, your School, your Community. Learn the skills to fight bullies and win
  • Regular participation in the course is essential to guaranteed improvement across these core life skills and strategies
  • Worksheets and activities will be provided per the instructor
Time commitment
  • 40 minutes
Supply List
  • Instructor will provide worksheets
One-Time Class
40 minutes Class Duration
10 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 12-16 Age Range
USD 65.66 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

I'm passionate about teaching others, working with the youth gave me a sense of contentment.I believe education  and knowledge are one of the keys towards success. Equip with the right tools can help you navigate between the society norms. As a parents and mentor my biggest fears were how my children will be able to survive outside my walls, therefore I can proudly said I equipped my children and the ones who were under my care to become : Marines, Army,Pharmacists, school teacher, Doctor, Registered Nurse, Lawyer, Bank Manager, Store Manager, Business Owner, CEO, UN representative and Government official. I have a strong belief in education and the importance of being culturally educated where you can thrive towards life and business. If you have the same fears as I had , I'm the person to help your child to succeed.