Refine Your Writing x5
Refine Your Writing x5
This writing course will refine student's writing skills through learning about punctuation, grammar, writing structures and advanced vocabulary.
This writing course is specifically designed with the UK curriculum to support students to pass grammar school entrance exams. It's known as the 11+ curriculum. It is made to enhance writing skills and to help a student's writing to stand out and wow it's readers.
Creative writing tasks
Verbal reasoning
Advanced vocabulary

This course is 30 lessons long. Each lesson is 50 minutes. Please message to let me know your availability.
Learning Goals
  • Write creatively
  • Use correct punctuation
  • Understand writing structures
  • Use topic sentences, paragraphs and full essays
  • Learn advanced vocabulary
  • Learn rules of grammar
  • Verbal reasoning skills
  • Literary devices
  • Students will be able to write for a variety of writing tasks. They will be able to write with the correct structures, punctuation and grammar.
  • Must have a high level of English. Suggested level of B2 or C1.
  • Homework is given at the end of every lesson. This needs to be photographed and sent to me. It will be marked together with the student in the following lesson.
External Resources
  • I use a variety of resources such as: Twinkl, Bond Books, 11+ Past Papers etc
Time commitment
  • 50 minutes of lesson time and up to 30 minutes for the homework written task.
Supply List
  • Paper and pen
Once a week 5-Time Course
50 minutes Class Duration
2 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 8-16 Age Range
USD 212.16 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Would you like your child's English writing skills to stand out above their peers? Do they need English skills to help them apply for international schools or universities?
If you are looking for a teacher who is professional, skilled, experienced and fun, then join a class with me! I will walk you child through writing types, using literary devices to make their writing more creative and hone in on errors so that your child is corrected kindly on their punctuation and grammar mistakes.