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Bring Your Pet to Class Day
Let's have fun bringing out pets to class to read to them.
Bring Your Pet to Class Day
In this one-time class, students will bring their pets to class and practice reading to them. Students will have a chance to introduce their pets to the class while sharing about their pets with the group. Students will take turns sharing and active listening to others share as well. Students will also practice reading to their pets during class.
Learning Goals
  • Students will practice reading to their pets.
  • Students will share about their pets to their new friends.
  • Students will practice reading a book to their pet.
  • Students will introduce their pet to the group as well as tell the group about their pet.
  • Students should know how to read a book at their level independently and need practice.
  • Homework may be requested by the parent.
Supply List
  • Paper, pencil, eraser, 3 books to read at your students independent reading level, their pet
Once a week One-Time Class
25 minutes Class Duration
6 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 6-10 Age Range
USD 20.66 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Are you looking for a passionate teacher who loves to have fun and believes that everyone can learn? Then look no further. I started to have fun teaching when I was an elementary student myself by playing school with my neighbors and sibling in the basement. That has transcended over twenty years later and into decades of having fun in my career both in-person and online as an educator. It's important that students believe that they can learn and have fun while learning. Having a teacher who provides step-by step directions to help students understand the material being taught is key to helping students become successful in their own learning. As students gain confidence in learning, learning can become more fun for them. Let's have fun in class together. I look forward to meeting your child and helping them become a successful life-long learner.