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Preschool with Teacher Sam!

In this eight week preschool class we will cover the letters A-Z, numbers 1-10, shapes and colors!

Preschool with Teacher Sam! by LEARN Anytime Anywhere


In this class I will be teaching preschool for tiny learners with a focus on early reading skills. In this bright and energetic class we will open with a group song and introduction and move onto learning about new letters- then review shapes, colors and numbers. Each class will build on the class before it, adding new letter sounds as we move through the alphabet A-Z. Each class will include new letters until the end of the course where the whole alphabet will be covered. We will learn numbers 1-10, colors and shapes throughout the lessons also. Each class will come to life as students engage with puppets, toys and see stimulating visual cues from Teacher Sam. Weeks 1-3 will include letters A-I. Weeks 4-6 will include letters J-R and weeks 7-8 will have letters S-Z. In every class we will review numbers, shapes, colors and animals. Students will be asked to participate through counting and letter songs, and will sometimes be asked to write and draw to show the teacher. This class is meant to provide socialization in an online classroom setting and will promote interaction between children as we learn. I plan on teaching the class with a whiteboard, letter flashcards, puppets and toys. Children will be rewarded with "cookies" and other treats for doing a good job! This is a great introductory class for tiny learners!

Learning Goal
  • Students will learn the sounds of the alphabet A-Z, learn numbers 1-10, learn basic colors and learn basic shapes. Students will get to sing with Teacher Sam and enjoy socialization with other preschoolers!
Language Conducted
  • English
  • Students will have a better understanding of basic English and Math.
Supply list
  • Please bring a pen and paper to class to write letters.

Class Schedule

One-Time Class
30 minutes
Class Duration
8 Kids
Class Size
Ages 3-4
Age Range
USD 13.39 Total
Price Per Learner (USD)

Available Time

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Meet Course teacher

I want to teach young children a variety of subjects. I am a bright, passionate teacher who loves to sing and get children moving. I have 12 years of teaching experience and love to engage children in the classroom to encourage learning. I am a mother of three and have many years experience with young children. Children will love learning with me and will gain many new skills to broaden their educations and enhance their lives. I look forward to seeing you in the classroom soon!
-Teacher Sam

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