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Internet Smart: Safety in an Online World
A 5 day class that is an introduction to being safe and smart online.
I love to be online. I love playing games. I love watching YouTube videos. I love social media. I am also very aware of the dangers that being online presents but when I was younger I had no idea about online safety. I had never heard of phishing, online scammers, and I definitely didn't know that people would try and steal information, cause addiction, or trick me into being unsafe. I learned some of those lessons the hard way.

This online class is an introduction to 5 different aspects of being smart online and keeping your information and your family's information safe.

Day 1: Evaluating Media and Biases: What's real and what's not and how can you tell?

Day 2: Protecting Your Online Identity and Recognizing Scams.

Day 3: Online Safety: Learning the Tricks and Tactics of People Who May Want to Hurt You.

Day 4: Recognizing and Dealing with Cyber Bullies (and How Not To Be One!)

Day 5: Gaming Addiction: Some Games Want You to Game More and Spend More and They Hire Psychologists to Help Create Addiction.
Learning Goals
  • Learn to recognize internet scams and protect your information.
  • Students will learn how to be safe online
  • Students will be able to identify and deal with online bullies
  • Students will learn about the basics of gaming addiction
  • Students will learn to be media smart and evaluate sources
  • Students will be able to make better decisions on the internet.
  • No prerequisites.
  • Parents will have nightly homework to do with students.
Time commitment
  • 20-40 minutes outside of class time
Supply List
  • Laptop or computer
5 times a week 5-Time Course
55 minutes Class Duration
12 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 8-13 Age Range
USD 255.51 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Nicole Pauling, M. Ed.
I specialize in fun and sometimes scary history. I love to tell a good story. I love to create a tale in such a way that you are drawn in and you don't necessarily realize that you are sitting in a classroom. I also love to laugh. I love to be creative and design opportunities for students to connect to other students. I am a foster parent, mom, serial entrepreneur, artist, case worker, author, mom, and teacher.

Educationally, I have degrees in Sociology, Psychology, philosophy, and criminal justice and I recently completed my Master's in Education program and am getting my history certifications. I have run a domestic violence shelter, worked on mental health in a hospital, and did drop out prevention. I worked in the "field" for over a decade before going into business for myself.
A lot of my work with children has involved teaching them how to evaluate, plan, and use logic to understand the world, events, and consequences. Critical thinking is a skill that I encourage and like to build into my classes as well as flexible thinking as both are essential life skills. I am also a published author and have been writing books, poetry, and for newspapers and magazines for over 30 years. I am a certified Common Sense Educator and have training in internet safety and working with students on digital citizenship.