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Coding 101 (Introduction and Variables)

Create your first program and learn about variables

Coding 101 (Introduction and Variables)


Embark on your coding journey with our "Introduction to Coding" course, where you'll take your first steps in the world of programming. This beginner-friendly course is designed to demystify coding and equip you with fundamental skills that will set the stage for your programming adventure.

In this short and engaging course, you'll dive into the basics of programming by creating your very first program. No prior coding experience is required – we'll guide you through every step of the process. You'll learn how to write, execute, and understand simple lines of code that form the building blocks of software development.

Course Highlights:

Getting Started with Coding:

Understand what coding is and its significance in today's world.
Explore various programming languages and their uses.
Setting Up Your Development Environment:

Install necessary tools and software to write and run code.
Familiarize yourself with the code editor's interface and features.
Hello, World!: Your First Program:

Learn how to write your first lines of code.
Build a "Hello, World!" program to grasp the fundamental structure of code.
Variables and Data Types:

Explore the concept of variables and their role in programming.
Understand different data types such as integers, strings, and floats.
Storing and Manipulating Data:

Learn how to assign values to variables.
Perform basic operations on variables, like addition and concatenation.
Input and Output:

Take user input and incorporate it into your programs.
Display dynamic output to enhance user interaction.
Debugging and Troubleshooting:

Discover common coding mistakes and how to fix them.
Practice debugging techniques to identify and resolve errors.
Project: Simple Interactive Story:

Apply your knowledge by creating a basic interactive story.
Utilize variables to change the storyline based on user input.
By the end of this course, you'll have gained the confidence to write your own simple programs, understand the role of variables, and navigate the initial challenges of coding. Whether you're exploring programming for personal interest or considering a future in software development, this course is your gateway to the exciting world of coding.

Enroll today and embark on your coding journey with us! No prior experience is needed – just curiosity and a desire to learn.

Learning Goal
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of programming, including variables, data types, and control structures.
Language Conducted
  • English
  • A willingness to learn
Home Work
  • Homework will be based on the class work
External Resources
  • Python program
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of programming, including variables, data types, and control structures.

Class Schedule

Twice a week

2-Time Course
40 minutes
Class Duration
10 Kids
Class Size
Ages 8-15
Age Range
USD 52.53 Total
Price Per Learner (USD)

Available Time

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Meet Course teacher

I'm Stephanie Liesel Sirkhot, though I prefer the name Steph. Currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa, English is my native language. I pursued a Bachelor of Education at the University of Pretoria, followed by a Bachelor of Science with Honours at the University of Witwatersrand. Remarkably, I undertook my latter degree part-time while juggling work commitments.

Complementing my academic journey, I obtained my TEFL certificate through online studies at The TEFL Academy, a distinguished institution based in the United Kingdom. My quest for knowledge continues as I am presently engrossed in pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computing.

In the realm of education, my versatility shines. With a teaching spectrum spanning from Grade 4 to Grade 12, my focus predominantly gravitated towards Mathematics. However, I also extended my teaching prowess to English Home Language for Grade 4 to Grade 7 students. Online, I've found joy in teaching English as a second language to both adults and children.

Diverse experiences have woven my professional fabric. I once thrived as a junior programmer in a software development company, a role that resonated deeply with me. A desire to harmonize my dual passions led me to the intersection of education and coding, where I now impart knowledge on computer science and programming.

In my English language instruction, I employ Total Physical Response (TPR) to engage learners effectively. This technique is coupled with my tendency to overemphasize words and sentences for clarity. When working with children, I introduce an endearing ensemble of cuddly toys, a collection accumulated since my own childhood. Notably, this assemblage features cherished characters like Honey the bear, Molly the cat, and Samuel the dog, with the potential to incorporate more props in the future.

My fondness for animals is undeniable. Cats and horses, in particular, occupy a special place in my heart. My affinity for these creatures translates into my involvement with animal shelters, where I dedicate my time to caring for cats. Additionally, I indulge in horse-riding when opportunities arise. Outside the educational sphere, I find delight in expressing myself through dance, particularly Ballroom and Latin styles. Though my dance journey once led me through bronze examinations and onto silver levels, my current focus is on dancing for pure enjoyment.

Software development and programming intrigue me greatly, fuelling my ongoing pursuit of knowledge in this domain.

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