Groovy Grammar (Parts of Speech)

Groovy Grammar (Parts of Speech)

In this class, students will explore the joy of words! We will have fun with nouns, verbs and descriptive imagery. A great introduction to basic grammar for primary aged learners or ESL learners of all ages (classes tailored to the needs/ages of students).


This class covers the building blocks of sentences.
We will:
Explore nouns - concrete, abstract and collective, countable and uncountable.
Have fun finding adjectives to describe the five senses.
Create our own metaphors and similes to aid in rich descriptive writing.
Make verb lists and have fun acting them out.
Discover how to make adverbs by adding 'y' and other spelling tips.
Put it all together with conjunctions.

Learning Goal
  • To demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
Language Conducted
  • English
  • By the end of this class learners will be able to identify nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, similes, metaphors and conjunctions.
  • Students will apply this knowledge in the creation of their own written examples.

Class Schedule

One-Time Class
50 minutes
Class Duration
2 Kids
Class Size
Ages 8-18
Age Range
USD 20.15 Total
Price Per Learner (USD)

Available Time

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Meet Course teacher

My name is Shannon and I am a qualified Drama and English teacher from Australia. In 2017 my family and I (my husband and two teenage sons), sold everything we owned to travel the world and learn from all that it has to offer. We are currently based in Vietnam and I am teaching English online.
I graduated university with a Bachelor of Creative Arts Honours in Theatre 1994 and since that time have been working as a professional actor, director and teacher. I also hold a Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching (Secondary) as well as a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. I have both an Advanced and Professional TESOL Certificate and hold an International English Teaching Licence as well as an Australian teaching license.
In 2004 I started my own Theatre school called TheatreMax, offering drama classes and productions for ages 3 through to adults and my background in Theatre translates into my English teaching style. My teaching focus is very much student led and interest driven with a focus on creativity, storytelling and confidence building. I also homeschool (or worldschool as we are travelling!) my two boys and believe in people following their passions, trying, failing and then trying again.
I have extensive experience working with students with both physical and intellectual disabilities and have worked as a classroom teacher in Australian high school mainstream and support units. Fun fact, in the 90’s I used to travel around Australia dressed up as a purple fluffy creature called Tickle the Doodat for a children’s group called The Hooley Dooleys. I am an accomplished script writer and have been commissioned to create productions for community groups around such issues as pollution and bullying. I have worked with many community and school groups of various ages and nationalities and in various countries to devise performances for cultural and arts festivals.
No matter what class of mine you choose you will develop your creativity and confidence and have fun!
Please note that all my classes require a minimum of three students to run and can be scheduled at a time to suit you. Contact me to arrange a class today!

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Parent Reviews

Steph on Aug 23 about Intro to Impro

I think the other learners should expect lots of fun and games, with education too. Parents should be happy to know that this is a very creative and impro-ish class that will boost their kids' creativity. Kids who are looking to improve their emotion-acting skills will benefit most. From Summer '10 :D

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