Debating with Conviction Private
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Debating with Conviction Private
It only takes 3 seconds for someone to judge whether they believe you or not. This debating class aims to help students improve confidence, strengthen articulation and enhance critical thinking skills through debating various controversial and topical motions and themes.
Debating with Conviction Private
This class will be 1 hour each week, consisting of 30 minutes of technical knowledge and 30 minutes of mock debating + individual feedback.
Through these lessons I will teach students the format of British Parliamentary debate, grasp the basic concepts of framing and clash points, and hone their ability to receive and react to new information through our practical mock debate sessions. I will also be moderating and judging the debates and providing individual feedback to help students improve their speech.
For anyone who would like to become more confident in articulating your ideas, regardless for school of for future work environments, this class is the perfect class for you to stand out from your competition and make an impression.
Learning Goals
  • Learn about the basic rules and formats of the British Parliament Debate
  • Gain insight and perspective on controversial and topic issues around the world
  • Improve confidence in atriculating ideas
  • Enhance critical thinking by developing logical arguments
  • Confident Presenter
  • Improve critical thinking
  • Improve writing through speeches
  • Improve delivery and ariticulation
  • Age Requirement: 9 years old and above
  • English Language Requirement: Can communicate in sentences with English
  • Preparation of motions and topics
External Resources
  • Customised British Parliament Debating Presentation SLides
Time commitment
  • 1 hour lesson per week plus 30 minutes of preparation after lesson
Once a week One-Time Class
1 hour Class Duration
1 Kid Maximum Class Size
Ages 8-18 Age Range
USD 40.67 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Hello! My name is Adam and I am a final year student in the University of Manchester studying IT management for Business. My lessons focus on tailoring to specific student needs by considering their interests, ability and knowledge. I generally offer lessons for debating and public speaking which focuses on back and forth discussions on current affairs as well argument construction to ensure students can deliver and articulate their ideas concisely. I believe in today’s day and age, yes academics does play a huge role in enhancing your employability, but with everyone graduating from university degrees and achieving similar grades, how can you differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack? Being able to present yourself clearly and articulate your thoughts is what I believe to be the most effective way to stand out; from job interviews, to assessment centres, to presenting to your boss, etc; being able to speak with conviction will surely take you the extra mile in your career!