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Bedtime Story - Once Before Time: Cinderella Rex by Christy Webster
A retelling of the classic fairytale with dinosaurs, Cinderella Rex attends the royal ball with the help of her Fairy Triceratops.
Bedtime Story - Once Before Time: Cinderella Rex by Christy Webster
Bedtime Story sessions have a specific focus on soft skills such as emotional literacy, conflict resolution or critical thinking. Gentle games and enthusiastic reading draw students in and allow them to engage with the material while improving their analytical and English speaking abilities.

Cinderella Rex will be particularly entertaining to the dino-lovers amongst us. Get ready to stomp and chomp your way to the Ball (and then to bed) with this silly and sweet tale.
Once a week One-Time Class
40 minutes Class Duration
10 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 3-7 Age Range
USD 10.58 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Want to learn acting and singing from a Musical Theatre professional?

My name is Ms Megan and I'm a professional actor, singer, director and theatremaker with 7 years of experience both in South Africa and Hong Kong. My love for working with youth stemmed from my work as a performer of children's theatre - skills that I use to this day as a teacher. I believe that we are all born storytellers, we just need to learn how to best use our instruments (body, face and voice) while engaging in play. I love to instil a passion for performance in all my students and to see them reach their unique potential. I teach Musical Theatre, Speech and Drama, Storytelling, Shakespeare and plenty other theatre disciplines.