Japanese A1 (Marugoto)
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Japanese A1 (Marugoto)
Learn Japanese with Marugoto textbook
Japanese A1 (Marugoto)
Students can learn Japanese conversation systematically with famous textbooks.

Read more at: https://www.marugoto.org/en/teacher/feature/
Learning Goals
  • Can use learned vocabulary and structures in the textbook
Language Conducted
  • Japanese
  • Reach A1 level after 100 hours of study with a teacher and 300 hours of self-study under guidance
  • Actively use dictionaries and the internet to look up vocabulary related to the topic of the lesson before class.
  • Marugoto A1 (Rikai - Workbook)
External Resources
  • https://a1.marugotoweb.jp/en/
Time commitment
  • 2 hour everyweek
Supply List
  • Marugoto A1
Once a week One-Time Class
1 hour Class Duration
2 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 8-16 Age Range
USD 28.94 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Hi, I’m Ruby sensei, a Japanese teacher, passionate about teaching Japanese for children. I am living in Tokyo. I have teached Japanese 8 years from beginner to master level. In this time, I have 3 years experiences of teaching tween and 2 years of experience in teaching Japanese for children (5 to 16 years old). In elementary level, I also design activities or game for my class. In upper elementary class, I often teach Japanese through other subject (for example: Social studies, Science...)

I have a master's degree in Japanese language education in Musashino University and now I'm PhD student in Tokyo Metropolitan University. My research is about Japanese language education with the purpose of global citizenship education.

Do you feel learning Japanese is difficult? Do you want your kid to be immersed in the Japanese language while they are also having fun or learning other subjects (Math, Social studies, Sciences...)? Do you feel that normal Japanese classes are so much about grammar and not about practice? Well you came to the right place, my name is Ruby and I am a qualified Japanese teacher who likes to focus on the student's needs and follow student's motivations, hobbys, capabilities... to design my class. I can teach your children from now to until the entrance exam to Japanese university.

I design lesson as guideline of CEFR and Japan Foundation Standard. Student can acquire Japanese by using 4 skills in the classtime.

Topic: Japanese for childrens, Japanese for beginners, Learn Japanese through fairy tales, Learn Japanese through songs, Learn Japanese through Social Studies, Learn Japanese through Science

You can also request textbook or your favourite subjects, topics...
Welcome to my classs!
parent reviews
Steph on Jul 09 about Japanese A1

My daughter likes the challenges Ruby Sensi gives her! Very productive course!

Steph on Jul 02 about Japanese A2

Ruby is very patient with my daughter. The most important thing for a teacher is to let the kids have fun during language classes. Ruby is a lovely teacher and my daughter enjoys her class.

Ruby on Sep 26

Thanks for your review. Your kid is also very enthusiastic in class and enjoy a lot of topics in my lesson, for example Doraemon, ehon and water cycle. Nice to meet her.