Spanish one on one for kids
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Spanish one on one for kids
The kid will learn how to say the most common words in Spanish and how to greet while they have fun!:)
Spanish one on one for kids
The kid will learn through videos and games new vocabulary, while they start their journey with the Spanish language. Each class the kid will learn new words and we will be reviewing what we have learned from past classes. The classes are going to be fun and educational!
Learning Goals
  • Being able to know basic words in spanish
  • The kid will know basic Spanish words and will be more interested in learning more
  • Being able to speak a little english to communicate with them
Once a week One-Time Class
1 hour Class Duration
1 Kid Maximum Class Size
Ages 5-10 Age Range
USD 12.11 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Do you feel learning Spanish is difficult? Do you want your kid to be immersed in the Spanish language while they are also having fun? Do you feel that normal Spanish classes are so much about grammar and not about practice? Well you came to the right place, my name is Cristina and I am a Spanish teacher who likes to focus on the student's needs, I try to make my classes fun and different for each of my students. I also can teach people of different ages and from different levels, and I specialize in increasing your confidence in your Spanish speaking and listening skills.

Learning a language should be fun and stress-free, try one class with me and see your Spanish improve from the beginning!:)