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French language for kids (30 min)

French lesson for children made fun and easy

French language for kids (30 min)


Our French course for children is a fun and effective way to get your child speaking French. In this course, your child interacts with a friendly teacher and learns practical vocabulary for everyday situations. The narration is in French. Ideal for young learners, the course makes language easy to learn, enjoyable and accessible.
Our French course for children is a structured and progressive learning programme designed specifically for young learners. It's fun and friendly; we guarantee that your child will love it! It is the perfect opportunity to introduce your child to a new language whilst having fun. The structured yet progressively built-in learning material (including flash cards and stickers as well as audio-visual games) is designed with the specific learning requirements of very young learners in mind.

Language Conducted
  • English

Class Schedule

Once a week

One-Time Class
30 minutes
Class Duration
1 Kid
Class Size
Ages 3-18
Age Range
USD 16.77 Total
Price Per Learner (USD)

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Meet Course teacher

Why do I LOVE what I do ?
I started teaching French to the foreign students in university, that was my very first experience, and I really loved sharing knowledge, I learned a lot for their language and culture. After I graduate I decided to move to China to learn mandarin, then I quickly decided to stay there longer as I liked the environment. I started working in a French institute called 凯旋法语 and I had my first experience with children. It was great, and what I liked the most was seeing that they were enjoying learning with me and were happy to come back to class.
If you want your child to learn French is a fun way with a friendly teacher, click the button and book your first lesson with me !

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