Beginner Spanish,
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World Languages
Conversational Spanish
A beginner's conversational Spanish course for young teens.
Conversational Spanish
Hour-long classes that focus on expressing yourself, being understood and communicating interests.
Learning Goals
  • Communicate basic wants, needs and interests in Spanish. Be able to read simple stories and engage in controlled conversations.
Once a week One-Time Class
1 hour Class Duration
4 Kids Class Size
Ages 12-16 Age Range
USD 14.73 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Creating a positive learning environment where kids can have fun and develop the skills needed to succeed in the real world. After teaching for 20 years around the world, I have realized what I love to do, teach creativity to the age group that is still full of ideas, loves to have fun and has a lifetime of practice ahead of them.

Every class has set goals where students must PRODUCE language to show how well they have understood and can apply our ideas.

I donĀ“t studentsĀ“ hands and drag them through my lesson but rather expose them to knowledge, opportunities and let them push themselves. My hand is never far when they need a little support, but individuals but learn independently on their own terms, in their own ways, and producing language that matters to THEM.