Argument clinic: How to improve argumentation 1 hour group class
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Argument clinic: How to improve argumentation 1 hour group class
Single class debate crash course, we can arrange for further practice lessons if students have fun. Whether it be for debate tournaments or essay-writing, this class aims to help you improve your ability to construct and present convincing arguments, and to notice the flaws in an argument
Tester class: argument clinic: How to improve argumentation 8-12
Class will cover the basics of argument construction then a mock debate followed by personal feedback. I will be running debates in the British Parliamentary format as I believe it is the best option for training one's critical thinking and basic political knowledge. My classes aim to not only improve a students debate skills and presentation, but also to improve student's ability to write effective academic essays, as the ability to present ones thesis clearly and convincingly is often the best way excel.

My course will cover the following concepts in order, afterwards constant practice is the key to improvement:
* Introduction to BP format.
* Argument construction.
* Topic analysis.
* Framing and Case building.
* Extensions and closing statement.
* Effective rebuttal.
* Moral arguments.
* Specialised topics.
Learning Goals
  • Understanding of debate format
  • Critical thinking ability in assessing the logic and validity of arguments
  • Presentation skills and confidence
  • Clear outlining and structure in argumentation
  • This course aims to have students understand the concepts and skills needed to participate in a debate tournament
  • There's no need for perfect English, but students should have a firm grasp of conversational English
  • Ideally there is no homework as this course aims to train ones critical thinking and ability to react to information, however to help beginners compose a speech light research will be assigned to students who have trouble speaking in class
Once a week One-Time Class
1 hour Class Duration
4 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 8-12 Age Range
USD 39.40 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Hi! My name is Nick, a law student, and I am offering my services as a debate instructor for all those interested in joining debate tournaments or just improving one's critical thinking. My experiences include competing in university-level debate tournaments all over Europe, along with running and managing my Universities' debate student association. I have also translated my argumentation skills into effective writing, having written freelance for various publications on a wide variety of topics from the future of selling printers to virtual reality therapy technologies.