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學業輔導坊 (Academic Tutoring Hub)


學業輔導坊 (Academic Tutoring Hub)



Learning Goal
  • 解決課後作業
  • 鍛煉口語
  • 鞏固強化
Language Conducted
  • Mandarin
Time Commitment
  • To build a base for the kid's knowledge of Chinese once a week: try reading something or finding something out about Chinese Culture
  • 地道地表達

Class Schedule

3 times a week

3-Time Course
1 hour
Class Duration
1 Kid
Class Size
Ages 3-18
Age Range
USD 78.80 Total
Price Per Learner (USD)

Available Time

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Meet Course teacher

Hello everyone, I am Hana! I am Chinese and living in Shanghai right now. I enjoy food and culture from all over the world. l specialize in teaching Chinese in Shanghai online and offline.

I have designed different courses for your children:
- For beginners, we can learn Pinyin first. Chinese characters are difficult to remember, I will help you remember Chinese characters using my specialty of "imagination".
- For children who already have a Chinese foundation, we will read books and play games. We can learn through them, using Chinese to understand Chinese, and better develop language sense.
- For those who want to advance their Chinese level, I can help you figure out similar vocabulary and learn some idioms!

Come join my class and let's have fun together!

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