Intro. to Physical Theatre
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Intro. to Physical Theatre
Combining energy and imagination, students of all ages explore a whole world of physical expression.
Intro. to Physical Theatre
Combining energy and imagination, students of all ages explore a whole world of physical expression. Students learn to celebrate, explore, and express themselves as they discover the essential tools of physical theatre. The program introduces students to the different facets of physical theatre, including movement technique, creating environment, and observation work. In consultation with the artist, the program can be individualised to connect to curriculum and themes explored in the classroom.
I offer the following in Physical Theatre World:
Week one : Mime
Week two : Physical Movement
Week three: Character Work

Learning Goals
  • To develop physical movement, mental awareness and confidence in the ability to express through movement.
  • To develop and apply physical theatre skills within a creative atmosphere.
  • To encourage correlation with other art disciplines and with core subjects.
  • To develop an awareness of physical theatre as a language with certain principles that can aid in the translation from the usual daily physical activity into the imaginary world . Some of these principles and their general benefits are: Exaggeration- expands physical expression and frees gestural imagination. Simplification- encourages clear and uncluttered thinking. Precision and Definition- improve motor control and awareness.
  • Learn separation of gestures and body parts -this enhances physical awareness, control and the understanding of a part's relation to the whole.
  • Learn about gestural portrayals such as character, plot, imagination, timing and rhythm.
  • Most importantly to have fun!
  • At the end of the hour, I leave the student to do home work, mostly observation work. They present their observations in the next class and finish all classes with a performance piece based on age level and if a specific workshop.
  • Clothes to move in and space.
  • Homework will be presented the next class if student returns.
External Resources
Supply List
  • Note paper and pen
Once a week 3-Time Course
1 hour Class Duration
10 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 13-17 Age Range
USD 38.25 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Ardyth first trained with mime artist Adrian Pecknold at The Manitoba Theatre School in Winnipeg and then received a scholarship with The Manitoba Theatre Centre to further her studies with Mime Unlimited School of Physical Theatre (Jacque Le Coq, Principal Ron East) in Toronto (graduate), plus other masters of Mime, Corporeal Mime, Commedia Dell' Arte, Clown, Bouffon, Movement Studies. Slap Stick, Stage Combat, Mask and Comedy. Ardyth holds a B.A in Theatre Studies from the University of Winnipeg and a graduate with Second City Conservatory. Ardyth has toured throughout North America with Mime Unlimited, Theatre Beyond Words and many other professional companies. Ardyth performs, writes and directs under her Physically Speaking Company. Ardyth since 1987 has regularly performed Classic Mime , Charlie Chaplin, “Beth Hickadilly” (a medieval character) at festivals,corporate events and many more venues. When Ardyth is not performing, she is busy teaching as an arts educator in physical theatre, plus workshops all over Canada and Internationally.