8 Black Women You May Not Know About For Ages 5 To 7
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Life Skills
8 Black Women You May Not Know About For Ages 5 To 7
In this one time class, you will learn about 8 Black Women and their contribution. This class is for every child that wants to learn about these Black women because I want to teach them that they can do something great, too.
8 Black Women You May Not Know About For Ages 5 To 7
This class is for children ages 5 to 7 who want to learn about African American Women and their contributions into this world. The class begins with me engaging the students in greetings and having an important small talk because it is important for the kids at that age to feel at ease with their teacher. I will also pour self esteem and self worth into my students by practicing strong "I am " affirmations because I want my students to know that they, too can make an impact in this world if they choose to and work hard at it. I will also teach them a song that we will sing at the end of the class titled "If You Believe." The class is made to be 25 minutes because of the age of the students. Sign up for this fun class before it fills up!

**There must be at least 3 students signed up for this class to take place**

Words to Song: "If You Believe"
If you believe, and if I do believe
I can do anything, anything
All things are mine
Only just believe
Learning Goals
  • Knowledge of history that is not taught in class settings
  • High self-esteem to do what they choose to do & be who they want to be
  • All children ages 5 to 7 are welcome to take this class
Once a week One-Time Class
30 minutes Class Duration
7 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 5-7 Age Range
USD 30.60 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

"If you live to learn, you will learn to live" has been my saying ever since I can remember. Hi! My name is Ms. Darline and I am Haitian. I think it's important to offer classes that will have great impact on a student's future. I'm a single mom of 3. I am an experienced teacher as I have taught in various platforms starting at the age of 14: churches: Sunday school & choir director; Universities, other schools; and homeschool teacher for my 3 children. I have even used my degree to teach Fashion Design in a private school. I am also a life coach & I have coached people especially women as they live out their dreams and goals through my life-changing exercises. I love teaching self-esteem classes, life skills, cooking, and more importantly, my language, Haitian Creole. My classes are fun and I give lots of praise and encouragement. I have degrees in Fashion Design, Business Marketing, Life coach, Entrepreneurship; a Masters in Special Education, and I am certified to be an ESL English Consultant with my TESOL certificate. I am an experienced teacher, business marketer, entrepreneur, life coach, and more importantly, mom. I love teaching! See you in class!