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Welcome! I’m Stacia - I have loved illuminating light on the topic of essential life skills since 2020. My online classroom has expanded to diverse learners from over 30 countries.

I was born in Pennsylvania, studied Speech Pathology and American Sign Language for some time in North Carolina, and completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Event Management from the University of Central Florida where I also worked for a mouse... You may have guessed it- I was a Walt Disney World Cast Member!

I was heavily immersed in the hospitality industry, and there, is where I developed my passion for vital interpersonal skills. A change in career and personal growth opportunities has brought my global classroom and family to the American West, Las Vegas, Nevada.

My other passions include summiting mountain peaks, exploring national parks, entrepreneurship, family, running, swimming, and world travel. I’ve visited 16 countries and there are so many more I want to experience.

Alongside working for Disney, my distinctive professional experiences include leading event operations; communicating to various audiences through digital content; teaching and tutoring learners from pre-K to graduate school, and creating instructional curricula. I even had the extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate my leadership skills at 40,000 feet in the sky as an International Flight Attendant. My favorite part of every career path is the team aspect and I love to teach about the importance of creativity and collaboration with learners.

Learners will gain awareness of their essential social and life skills and how they can apply strategies and tools in their everyday interactions and collaborative efforts with their family, peers, subordinates, colleagues, and future family members of their own.

Additional Expertise
I hold certifications in TESL, TESOL, and TEFL; and teach English as a second language to students abroad. I am a certified, 1-on-1 tutor in the following subject areas: Audition Prep; College Application and Essay Assistance; Elementary, Middle, and High School English; Resume Writing; and Study, Test Prep, and Organization Skills.

Teaching Philosophy
Engagement and encouragement are the top principles I utilize in my teaching approach. I promote active listening, participation, and enthusiasm, and advocate for learners’ critical thinking. Learners and parents are encouraged to review the resources and follow-up materials to supplement their learning experience prior to and after class.

See you real soon!

B.S. Event Management
Certified English Language Arts Tutor
TESOL, TESL & TEFL Certified
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