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Mr. Robert

Health & Wellness Teacher

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I love teaching! I especially love teaching young children. The awe and wonder that young children have about the world around them is boundless – and as a National Board certified early childhood educator of many years, my goal is to encourage the growth of that natural curiosity and love for learning.

My passion in education is centered on social-emotional learning – that is, facilitating the development of an understanding among young children of the skills and dispositions that people need to become well-adjusted, empathetic and responsible members of a community. Skills such as breathing, identifying emotions, using positive self-talk, developing a growth mindset, using empathy and taking responsibility for one’s actions are all lessons that I have found are important in the development of children’s social and emotional well-being.

The manner in which we foster the development of our children will create the conditions for a more just and peaceful future for us all – and helping our children become emotionally intelligent, compassionate and socially attuned individuals who understand that we’re all one community is, I believe, the key. Join me!
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Mill on Dec 31 about Developing Emotional Intelligence with Young Children

Mr. Robert is very patient and funny teacher. The course is well structured, interesting and easy for young kids to understand. My son enjoyed the lessons very much!

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