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Dr. Sherry

English & Science & Nature Teacher

  • 3 Courses
I want to teach classes on business, English, and communication skills. I will use my passion to teach kids about business, such as, how to start a dog walking business. Also, teach students English such as phonics, spelling patterns, sentence structure, figurative language, reading comprehension, reading fluency, and reading with expression. I received my doctorate degree in business administration in 2009 from Walden University, which gives me a firm grasp of business concepts and practices. Professionally I have over 7 years’ experience teaching kids (ages 13-17) English as a second language (ESL) online and SAT Prep classes. Also, professionally teaching 1-on-1 ESL classes for 7 years to kids ages 8-14. I have volunteered for 5 years at an after-school tutoring program for kids (ages 11-13), needing extra help with math, English, reading, writing, and social studies at the Middle School. Personally, and most importantly I have been a mother for 27 years and a grandmother for 7 years, so I have lots of experience with my own kids. Dr Sherry's learning community is led by me, but taught by all. When we are all given the opportunity to be heard and to hear others, we all learn from each other.