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Is your teenager spending a lot of hours in front of the computer/on their phone? Do you seem to have more arguments than conversations with your teen?
You are not alone!
Teens are overwhelmed by all the stimulus from the internet and rely heavily on LIKES from social media to make them feel like they matter. A slippery slope when our future leaders give away their power to external sources to make them feel better. Your teen is incredibly capable and resourceful BUT they will have to learn emotional intelligence to become confident in their own abilities.
When I was 14 years old I was given a monthly bus pass to get school. I had taken the bus a couple of times yet always felt nervousness around possibly missing the bus. One day approaching the bus stop I noticed the bus was early! Feeling frantic, I stared to run...the bus left without me!!! I hated feeling so dependant on the bus. Deciding to walk to school I was surprised to realize had I arrived before the bus!
What a feeling of empowerment. Not only did I get to school by myself, I was also on time!
That night I proudly shared what had happened with my dad and asked him if I could have the bus money and walk to school instead. My confidence grew AND I was able to buy my favourite pair of shoes!
That day my feelings taught me how important it was to be autonomous. I learned that taking action felt way more empowering than blaming the bus driver for being early.
If you would like your teens to take guidance from their emotions to become empowered, responsible adults then I highly recommend this series of classes. Register today!
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