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Kids learn best by when we activate their emotions, through fun. I am Rebecca Whitehall, I taught for 25 years in the USA. Students always remembered skills when we were having fun and introduced in a variety of ways. I found a variety of ways to introduce skills that also involved having fun. Repeatedly parents would come to me sharing how their children years later were still talking about the activities we did in the classroom. When the teacher of my own child told me my child would accomplish anything but working at a gas station store I would devastated. Using everything I had learned about teaching children I decided to use it with my own child. So we made fun projects at home, read books together and explored the exciting opportunities found in the world around us. Now my child has a masters degree, a wonderful job and owns their own home. The key is using fun activities to put information into long term memory. This class is for ages 4-8 and will give you some tools to make learning a new skill fun. Sign up for the course and let your child test it out for themselves.

Don't be left behind, Learning a Second Language Can Be Fun. Zac the Dog, Kim and Jon will guide your child through learning a second language in a fun interactive approach all based on gratitude. Can your child solve the riddle, what Zac if grateful for? Is it his family, a walk in the park or a doggy sundae? During this course the students will learn vocabulary found in day to day life and play simple games to find out what is Zac grateful for. This course is for students beginning to learn the second language of English ages 4-8 years old. Sign up today and bring English into your child's life today.
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