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Bridget Benedict

Math Teacher

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My name is Ms. Bridget. I am a homeschooling mom to four wonderful children. I have been homeschooling them since my oldest started Kindergarten, almost eight years ago. I love being with my family and homeschooling my children. I am a Christian. My faith is very important to me. My favorite part of the day is our family Bible Study. We read and memorize Scriptures together. I also enjoy math. I love working with numbers and seeing the order and patterns in math, especially mental math strategies. I love teaching and helping children learn and grow in all areas of life. I think learning should be a positive experience. I believe that all children have gifts and talents unique to them. I am passionate about helping children to discover what they are good at and helping them to grow in areas of weakness. I love seeing the confidence children gain as they realize what they know and how capable they are. My hope for the classes that I teach, is that students will enjoy learning and using the mental math strategies taught and that they will leave class with a practical new skill that they can immediately put into practice to solve math problems. I look forward to meeting you in the classroom!

Thank you,
Ms. Bridget
parent reviews
Steph on Feb 02 about Mental Math Class For Beginners - Complements for 10

Bridget is very gentle and caring. She explains the theory cheerfully with the kids, had a couple questions in hand, and had each kid answer to make sure they grasp the concept. Then she moved on to the next set of more difficult questions; same round table with kids who raised their hands first, and patiently asked the 'remaining' ones. A kid dropped out and back due to internet issues, she explained to her what she missed, while getting 'help' from the other kids. Bridget made the whole experience fun for kids!