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'Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun' Mary-Lou Cook

I am a teacher of 11 years, passionate about Art and its capabilities to encourage and allow our young people to explore and release their creative energy. I am an experienced educator of Fine Art and have taught in schools for 11 years delivering both GCSE and IB. I believe that students should be allowed to explore their surroundings and feelings in a visual way. There is no right or wrong answer and students should enjoy the process while making.
Taking an Art class will benefit your child in far more ways than merely creating pieces of visual work. By taking Art, your child will communicate, work well with others, think out of the box and solve problems. They will learn about the world around us and how artists have communicated these events through visual making and will offer them an opportunity to have their say through their own work.
I can't wait to teach your young people the true value of an arts education.
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