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Miss Deb

Life Skills & World Languages Teacher

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I have been a teacher now for over 10 years online as well as in a brick and mortar school. I have taught English to many different cultures from ages three to adult. My background experience in the last 10 years has been creating classroom curriculum in many different subjects. I have not only taught English individually, but as well as groups as large as 15 students.

My Psychology degree has given me a diverse range of teaching methods and at the end of the day, my learners have been captivated and have walked away feeling that they have learned something that has somehow impacted their lives.

Although I have been teaching English over 10 years, I have incorporated live animals in my lessons 3 years ago and I had found that it had dazzled and fascinated my learners to not only enjoy the lesson, but also to focus on the lesson content being taught.

My life has always been surrounded by animals growing up starting at the young age of 4 years old. Having a connection with the Toronto Zoo, it's not unusual for me to spend time with an array of exotic animals such as cougars, monkeys, cockatoos, hedgehogs, lizards etc. Later in life I opened an exotic pet store and educated people within the store about animals and their care but I also operated large outdoor educational animal performances, as well as magic tricks throughout Toronto and the surrounding area.

I have traveled to different destinations to learn culture, nature and to volunteer teaching English to less fortunate children. In my spare time I go on many trail rides with my horse and spend time with my animal herd. I also seek new life adventures and experiences that are instore for me.
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