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Ukulele FunFunFun - Experience Class - Cantonese

After this class, you will learn how to play ukulele and sing together!

Ukulele FunFunFun - Experience Class - Cantonese


I will teach C chord, F chord and G7 chord today and we can play and sing together. My ukulele teaching will be fun and remember to tune your ukulele first!

Learning Goal
  • Learn how to play chords!
Language Conducted
  • Cantonese
  • Please tune your ukulele first before the lesson :)
  • You will learn how to play and sing together!

Class Schedule

Once a week

One-Time Class
40 minutes
Class Duration
8 Kids
Class Size
Ages 6-18
Age Range
USD 15.81 Total
Price Per Learner (USD)

Available Time

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Meet Course teacher

I am a profession guitar and ukulele teacher with a Music degree. I have over 20 years experience and I can teach from kids to elderly. I can teach private or in group lessons. My lessons are fun and will be full of encouragement. I will teach my lesson in progress and also systematic. And for group class, I will also use some funny strategies to hold the lesson. We can have group dynamics, and students can play music games. Group class is never boring and usually makes u laugh!

I am now studying Master of Education in the Education University of Hong Kong, and I like to think of different ways to teach some SEN students and I am considerate and patient. I love to teach and please come and learn under my guidance.

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