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Storytime For ESL Learners
Come join me for an interactive storytime to improve your English listening, speaking, and comprehension skills!
Storytime For ESL Learners
In this class, we will have a story read aloud. We will have intermittent student interaction with the story as I read to answer questions, make predictions, and share what they enjoy about the stories. This format of the class will help improve learners’ English skills through listening, comprehending, and speaking!
This will be a fun, encouraging environment!
Once a week One-Time Class
45 minutes Class Duration
6 Kids Class Size
Ages 3-7 Age Range
USD 10.54 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

I am a firm believer that a happy student, is a student who will want to learn. I am Miss Carrie and I have many years of teaching experience. I try to keep my students engaged and entertained.
I am passionate about American History, animals, writing, and teaching little ones.
I am a very energetic and fun teacher. I want my students to learn, but it is just as important that they come away from my class with a positive attitude towards learning.