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SAT Prep
Mathematics Portion of the SAT practice & pointers!
SAT Prep by LEARN Anytime Anywhere
This 60 minute "turbo" prep course will enable students to utilize the most current SAT assessment exam in order to gather pointers and guidance every step of the way to ensure that the score that is being reached for is not only attainable but surpassed! A variety of days and times are available in order to fit this course into your busy schedule so that more time can be utilized for peace, yoga & relaxation to build up strength for your upcoming big!
Each 60 minute session will tackle the specific problems that your student will find difficult with the complete assessment that will be provided for your student to download and keep as a memoir and study guide after the session concludes!
Humor and advice are provided in a fun filled atmosphere by a seasoned 35 year college mathematics professor who fully understands the stress associated with preparing for the SAT so no time like the present....let's get right down to it and get set to grab that score!!! :D
Learning Goals
  • Students will be seasoned with a multiple of pointers and endless amounts of practice in order to surpass the score that they wish to attain on their upcoming SAT test!
  • Enhanced SAT Quantitative Exam Scores made easy!!! :-)
  • Computer Display
  • The most current and comprehensive SAT assessment test will be provided to your student in order to work on additional problems not completed during the one hour session in advance for later use if additional assistance is needed at another selected 60 minute prep session! :)
External Resources
  • None required
Time commitment
  • Student preference
Supply List
  • Computer Display Resource, Paper, Writing Utensil, Calculator
Once a week One-Time Class
1 hour Class Duration
1 Kid Maximum Class Size
Ages 13-18 Age Range
USD 66.30 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

I have taught for over 35 years in both the public and private school settings including inner city public schools; an assortment of colleges as well as young actors on the various sets of Universal Studios and have enjoyed every single minute of it plus have a lot of strategies and hints to share from all of the students I have had the honor to work with!!! :D
I look forward to assisting you in order to break challenging topics down into easier ones so that you'll not only understand the material but retain it accurately for future "hw 911" references and standardized test prep "stress sessions"!!! :)