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Preschool Fun With Teacher Carrie
Learn letters, colors, numbers, and shapes with a themed preschool curriculum.
Preschool Fun With Teacher Carrie
In this course, your little one will learn a different concept centered around a different theme. Each week, students will be introduced to new letters in the alphabet centered around our theme and new numbers. There will be lots of fun rhymes and singing. This is a great class for fluent English speakers as well as ESL students. My main goal in this class is to give my young students a positive attitude towards learning by making this an optimistic and fun experience. We will always begin with a hello song - and end with a goodbye song.
Week 1 - Farm Animals (Animal names, animal sounds, letters, letter sounds, and colors)
Week 2 - Time (Days Of The Week, letters, letter sounds, and numbers)
Week 3 - Shapes (Identifying shapes, colors, letter sounds, and numbers)
Week 3 - Weather (Types of weather, colors, letter sounds, and days of the week)
Week 4 - Family (Letter sounds, numbers, days of the week, colors, and weather)
Week 5 - Transportation (Opposites, numbers, colors, days of the week, and shapes)
Week 6 - Let's Eat Healthy (Different foods, numbers, shapes, colors, and family)
Week 7 - Ocean Animals (Different animals, numbers, shapes, opposites, and colors)
Week 8 - Show and Tell (Colors, shapes, numbers, opposites, family, and letter sounds)
Learning Goals
  • To learn to identify letters, shapes, colors and numbers and to practice social skills and speaking
Once a week One-Time Class
45 minutes Class Duration
10 Kids Class Size
Ages 3-5 Age Range
USD 12.32 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

I am a firm believer that a happy student, is a student who will want to learn. I am Miss Carrie and I have many years of teaching experience. I try to keep my students engaged and entertained.
I am passionate about American History, animals, writing, and teaching little ones.
I am a very energetic and fun teacher. I want my students to learn, but it is just as important that they come away from my class with a positive attitude towards learning.