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Phonics Fun!
My teaching style can best be described as interactive, supportive, and transparent.
I make learning fun and colorful with games, songs and learning. I believe these tools help children learn more effectively at such a young age.
Phonics Fun! by LEARN Anytime Anywhere
Join me in class today for a fun and interactive learning environment.
We will explore the world of English together and have fun learning about real world scenarios.
My teaching style is very interactive and I use the following methods:
Visualize - Bringing dull concepts to life through visual and practical learning.
Cooperative learning - Encouraging my students to work together through verbal interaction.
Differentiation - Allocating tasks to students based on their abilities.
I will give detailed feedback to each student after the lesson to help them improve in the areas needed.
Learning Goals
  • *Gain confidence in speaking English.
  • *Improve Speaking and Listening Skills
  • *Able to understand Phonics
  • *Your child will be able to read and write by relating the different sounds we have learned.
  • *Fun Learning Environement!
  • *Children can Read and Understand Phonics
  • *Children are effective communicators.
  • *Children are confident and involved learners.
  • *Children will be able to connect the sounds to words and sentences
  • *They will be able to read and write
  • Homework will be provided at the end of each lesson.
External Resources
Time commitment
  • 2-3 times a week
Supply List
  • Pen and Paper
Once a week One-Time Class
25 minutes Class Duration
8 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 3-6 Age Range
USD 13.13 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

It's such a great feeling when you see that spark of curiosity and interest. I enjoy teaching English because it's special – it gives students a voice. I show students that words are powerful things: they're the things that influence people, that instigate change in the world.
I believe in shaping the minds of our future and I am a very passionate and fun-loving teacher with a lot of experience in the industry, I believe that your children will have a great learning experience in my classes and that they will thoroughly enjoy what I have to offer.