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Make Your Writing Sing and Zing
In this 5 section course, students will learn strategies to make their writing stronger, clearer and more effective.
Make Your Writing Sing and Zing
Students will work with a draft of their own writing and learn four main strategies to make their writing stronger and more effective.

They will read their writing and have conferences with me and with their peers. I will model the strategies for them first.

At the beginning of each class, starting with Lesson Two, students will share what they have done to practice the strategy, and discuss how it made their writing sound stronger and more professional.

Lesson plan:
Week One: Questions to Ask While Writing:
Students will learn basic questioning strategies that will help focus their writing on what's most interesting and important

Week Two: Verbs, the Engines that Drive Writing:
Students will learn various strategies to eliminate or replace weak verbs to make their writing stronger

Week Three: Creating Sentence Variety:
Students will learn sentence combining techniques, how to vary sentence beginnings, and how to create a variety of sentence lengths and styles.

Week Four: Being Specific:
Digging for Details: Students will focus on adding specific details to create images

Week Five: Sharing final pieces of writing:
Peer and teacher feedback. Self -reflection
Learning Goals
  • Students will learn four basic strategies to make their writing stronger and more effective
  • Stronger, more effective writing
  • Increased confidence in writing skills
  • Students need to have a rough draft of writing ( narrative or expository--no poetry) of at least 150 words to bring to first class
  • Practice the learned strategy on their piece of writing
Time commitment
  • 20-30 minutes per week
Supply List
  • Paper, pen/pencil or computer
Once a week One-Time Class
40 minutes Class Duration
6 Kids Class Size
Ages 10-14 Age Range
USD 76.93 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Words, words, words. Where would we be without them? They can make us laugh,cry, feel, think, reflect and push us to change the world. I have 40 years of experience teaching English Language Arts to adolescents-- and I am still smiling! What can I teach? If it deals with language, I can do it: grammar, literature, essay writing, creative writing, poetry,and word study to name a few. I have also directed plays for over 35 years for kids ranging from 3 to 18, and for adults in community theatre, so I can teach all aspects of Theater Arts. Because I am also an actress, I am energetic, enthusiastic and animated.

I believe, like Nelson Mandela has said, " Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." That is what teaching should be. AND, it should be fun!!

I have a BA in English and a MA in Humanities/Theater Arts, and a lifetime teaching certificate.

I am now retired. BUT, I can't stop teaching-- it's who I am and what I do. I have 40 years worth of ideas to share with eager learners of all ages. Come learn and play with me.