Listening to Hear: How to Communicate with Others for TEENS
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Life Skills
Listening to Hear: How to Communicate with Others for TEENS
In this course, we will work through the Listening to Hear coaching curriculum, utilized for a university level class. Topics include listening, hearing, emotions, thoughts, empathy, and communication. This introductory course comes with a 78 page PDF workbook on building communication skills.
We all speak to one another through our words, actions, attitude and tone of voice. Communicating is a human experience we all have in common. We see, hear, listen, process to understand and give a response. There is an emotional aspect to our lives and it's equally important to understand emotions.
Learning Goals
  • Students will learn how to communicate their needs effectively while listening to other's needs.
  • Students will increase their confidence in relating to others through effective communication skills.
  • For those who would like to continue with a series of classes, I will give homework for the family to practice together.
External Resources
  • Students can access free life coaching curriculum here:
Supply List
  • Pen, pencil and notebook paper to write on.
Once a week One-Time Class
1 hour Class Duration
12 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 13-18 Age Range
USD 52.53 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Hello and Welcome! I am an author, teacher, speaker and life coach who teaches people of all ages communication skills. My expertise is in emotional development and expression. As children we are not taught about emotions, empathy nor how to listen. We grow up without intelligence emotionally often reaching out to professional psychologists with life problems to solve when we are adults. My courses teach the normalcy of emotions with educating students what they are, how we experience them and how to communicate. This core process translates to increased imagination and creativity. We are all artists and writers and have creativity inside of us. This does not threaten the left brain rationalism our educational systems are structured around, it actually compliments it. There is a cutting edge advantage to social skills and creativity entering into the 21st century as our jobs will be increasingly automated with artificial intelligence. I bring my experience with children and teens where I did artwork, and played all kinds of games with them as we talked about emotions, problems and solutions. With the teens, I would shoot hoops outside with basketball, write and play card games. With the younger children, I would play board games and draw. What mattered was helping them express themselves. Parents would learn to trust my process, as when the kid would identify the parent as the 'monster' in the drawing, I would understand their communication. Sometimes as adults we can be scary to kids with our emotions and they do not understand the normalcy of anger and fear. I help kids of all ages understand we all experience anger, fear, sadness, joy, confusion, disgust and more as part of life. There is nothing wrong with us. By tapping into our inward thoughts and emotions, I help students express themselves more freely with increased confidence and self esteem. This model of PERMA from Positive Psychology has been practiced with school children in Australia with Dr. Martin Seligman, and they saw their overall achievement scores improve just because they focused on well-being and emotional expression. It is nice to meet you!
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