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Let’s Learn English: Alphabet, Phonics, Basic Phrases, Vocabulary (ESL, ELL)
In this ongoing class, students will meet once a week to learn the English alphabet, letter sounds, read or repeat sentences and practice their English speaking skills by conversing with the teacher and peers.
Let’s Learn English: Alphabet, Phonics, Basic Phrases, Vocabulary (ESL, ELL)
This ongoing class meets once per week. In each class, students will learn 2 new letters of the alphabet as well as the sound each letter makes. We will learn new vocabulary words and practice answering simple questions in English (e.g., “How are you?” “What’s this?”). In this class, students will have fun and gain confidence as they learn to speak English. Student output will be encouraged as we focus on vocabulary expansion, pronunciation, and conversation skills. I will also provide printable homework sheets for learners to complete if they wish to do so. These sheets are not mandatory.
The class size is small to allow your learner to have more speaking opportunities. If time permits, Show and Tell will occur at the end of each class. Students will be invited to bring an object that begins with one of the letters of the week, to share with their peers. This will encourage students to speak about their objects and actively listen to their classmates. I will help students speak about their objects if they need that assistance. If your learner does not want to share, they do not have to.
This is an ongoing course so learners are welcome to join at any time. It is ideal for learners with beginner-level English speaking skills. If your learner does not have any prior English experience, that is okay! This is an introductory course.
I am a certified teacher with ESL qualifications, including TESOL. I have taught thousands of ESL classes in person and online. I have taught English to students from all over the world including China, Peru, Mongolia, South Korea, Malaysia, Brazil, and Japan. Other learners and their parents have endorsed me as having excellent pronunciation, error correction, scaffolding, and TPR body language. They have also described my personality as being energetic, encouraging, and positive.

The following is the basic outline for each class:
Welcome Song
Greetings and Introductory Dialogue (e.g., What is your name? How are you?)
Letters of the Week (identify the letters, practice the sound each letter makes)
Sight word(s) and basic phrases
Show and Tell (time permitting)
Goodbye Song
Learning Goals
  • Learn new letters and its sound
  • Learn new vocabulary and conversational phrases
  • Speak English with Confidence!
  • Provide if requested by parents
Once a week One-Time Class
40 minutes Class Duration
1 Kid Class Size
Ages 5-8 Age Range
USD 12.32 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

I am a firm believer that a happy student, is a student who will want to learn. I am Miss Carrie and I have many years of teaching experience. I try to keep my students engaged and entertained.
I am passionate about American History, animals, writing, and teaching little ones.
I am a very energetic and fun teacher. I want my students to learn, but it is just as important that they come away from my class with a positive attitude towards learning.