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Life Skills
Learn Haitian Creole In a Fun Way
In this 3-weeks class, your 3 or 4 year old child will learn some Haitian Creole in a fun way.
Through repetition, sounding the words out, and through singing songs from English to Haitian Creole, the students will learn Haitian Creole. We will respect one another and take turns. I will first say the word. We will then say it together. Last, the students will say it by themselves. We will also learn through songs like Baby Shark, The Haitian Alphabet Song, and a Haitian Lullaby. You will learn common greetings. You will also learn short phrases. You will learn the numbers, colors, the calendar, the days of the week, etc. Your child must study the information that they are learning for the Haitian Creole language every single day so that by the end of 3 weeks, they will learn how to speak some Haitian Creole. They need to devote 20 minutes intervals at least 1 time a day in learning Haitian Creole every day. With practice, they will retain the language. During class time, parents please stay close to your child without being seen on camera because they are so young.
***At this age, it is very important for students to have an adult present during class, to ensure that we make the most of our class time together.***

**The class must have at least 4 students for it to take place**

Week One: Class one-Greetings
Class two-Common expressions
Class three- Learn "Baby Shark" in Haitian Creole

Week Two: Class four-Words from "Baby Shark"
Class five-Colors/Review (Go get items with particular colors)
Class six- Learn Alphabet in Haitian Creole/ABC Book

Week Three: Class seven-Numbers, 1 to 10/ Review
Class eight-Verbs
Class nine-Haitian Lully-bye & chit chat
Learning Goals
  • Knowledge of Haitian Creole to begin the process of being fluent in this beautiful language.
  • We will learn through songs like Baby Shark, The Haitian Alphabet Song, and a Haitian Lullaby that are translated into Kreyol. Your child will learn common greetings & short phrases. Your child will learn the numbers, colors, the calendar, the days of the week, etc. This will provide your child 1 more step closer to becoming fluent.
  • All children ages 3 & 4 are welcome to take this fun class
Time commitment
  • 20 minutes intervals everyday of study time with the parent
3 times a week One-Time Class
20 minutes Class Duration
7 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 3-4 Age Range
USD 128.14 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

"If you live to learn, you will learn to live" has been my saying ever since I can remember. Hi! My name is Ms. Darline and I am Haitian. I think it's important to offer classes that will have great impact on a student's future. I'm a single mom of 3. I am an experienced teacher as I have taught in various platforms starting at the age of 14: churches: Sunday school & choir director; Universities, other schools; and homeschool teacher for my 3 children. I have even used my degree to teach Fashion Design in a private school. I am also a life coach & I have coached people especially women as they live out their dreams and goals through my life-changing exercises. I love teaching self-esteem classes, life skills, cooking, and more importantly, my language, Haitian Creole. My classes are fun and I give lots of praise and encouragement. I have degrees in Fashion Design, Business Marketing, Life coach, Entrepreneurship; a Masters in Special Education, and I am certified to be an ESL English Consultant with my TESOL certificate. I am an experienced teacher, business marketer, entrepreneur, life coach, and more importantly, mom. I love teaching! See you in class!