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Science & Nature
In the Mighty Jungle
Let’s go to the jungle! What animals can you find in the jungle? Together we will see some of the interesting animals that live in our jungles.
In the Mighty Jungle
This is an interactive lesson where students will learn about the jungle and some of the animals that live there. Students will be introduced to 4 unique animals that live in the jungle. They will learn about the animal's adaptations, what they eat, and fun facts about these unique animals.
In this lesson we will learn about the following animals:
1. Okapi
2. Hornbill
3. Amazon River dolphin
4. Anaconda
Learning Goals
  • What is a jungle?
  • What animals live in the jungle?
  • What unique adaptations do jungle animals have?
  • How do these adaptations help animals survive?
  • Learn about some jungle animals and how they survive in their environment.
  • All materials will be provided by the teacher.
External Resources
  • Provided by the teacher
Time commitment
  • 40 minutes
Supply List
  • coloring pencils or crayons
Once a week One-Time Class
35 minutes Class Duration
5 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 6-11 Age Range
USD 13.13 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Hello, parents and kids! I'm Keishla. I was born and raised in the tropical island of Puerto Rico. I'm passionate about helping learners discover the wonders of nature, animals, and space. I encourage creativity and curiosity. My classes will be fun and engaging, they will provide a comfortable environment for students to engage with the learning process. For several years, I taught in the traditional classroom setting. I taught English, science, math, social studies, and Spanish to kids in first, second, and third grade. After that, I taught English to kids in seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Learning is discovering. I can't wait to have you in class.
See you soon.