How to use Infinite and Gerund at advanced level
How to use Infinite and Gerund at advanced level
Learning advanced grammar structures with Infinitive and Gerund
How to use Infinite and Gerund at advanced level
Revising and learning some more complicated structures that use Infinive and Gerund. Practicing with sentences, pointing out important rules and exceptions (ex. Advise going/ Advise you to go). Difference in meaning with Infinitive and Gerund. Drilling grammar through multiple choice questions, speaking, and discussions. Practicing with videoclips, listening, games.
Once a week One-Time Class
1 hour Class Duration
4 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 15-18 Age Range
USD 46.03 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

I love children and teaching has been my passion for over 30 years. I am communicative and easy-going, with good sense of humour and get on well with students. I am trying to prepare lessons which suit my students’ needs. The materials I use help my lessons to be action-packed, so that they develop all language skills. Using video clips, short puzzles and various games facilitates the learning process in a more entertaining way and students usually love it. Having me as a teacher, students will enjoy relaxing atmosphere and an easy way to learn difficult grammar and language structures, all these supported with a variety of interesting and level-graded tasks.