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Going on a Treasure Hunt
In this one time class, students will need to find the treasure chest and learn how addition, by adding the amount of coins in the first chest to the amount in the second chest and as a class we will come up with the total amount.
Going on a Treasure Hunt by LEARN Anytime Anywhere
Does your child like to add stuff together? Does your child like to go on treasure hunts to learn all about numbers?
I will be teaching the children about Adding while going in a treasure hunt. The class structure will consist on a song to get us started and then on to our treasure hunt. We will complete 3 addition problems while on your treasure hunt. There will be a sideshow to help me teach and be able to show the children the amount of coins in each treasure chest, and to help the students get a better understanding of the topic. It would be good for your child to know how to count to 10 if possible. I look forward to seeing everyone.
Learning Goals
  • Learn how to add simple math
Once a week One-Time Class
25 minutes Class Duration
6 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 3-5 Age Range
USD 15.81 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

Hey my name is Mrs. Shannon I have 4 amazing children, I have 3 girls and 1 boy. I have always wanted to teach children and I enjoy watching them learn new skills become smart individuals. I have taught ages 3 to 7 so if you have a 3 to 7 year old and you want them to have fun while learning then I can't wait to meet your learner.