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Encanto Party! (Story, Song, Activity And More!)
What is your special gift? Travel to the exciting land of Colombia where we will hear an engaging story of Encanto, have a chance to sing or dance, and design your own magical door!
Encanto Party! (Story, Song, Activity And More!)
¡Hola amigos!
Welcome to the family Madrigal!
In this otherworldly class, we will all turn out to be family as we travel to Colombia and have a good time together! We can even see where Mirabel and her family come from on a map!
Then, will get to know each other by discussing the film and our #1 Madrigal relative. Together we will talk about the relatives' extraordinary gifts and what gifts make every one of us exceptional. We will get an opportunity to explore with our new friends the various gifts we might not have understood that we each have. This will lead us to plan our own personal mystical entryways! (Printable is accessible after enrollment.) While learners are working on their unique entryways they will get to hear the story of Encanto and furthermore sing and dance to the enchanting songs featured in the movie. Toward the end of the class, students will get a chance to share their magical doors, if they would like.
My classes are fun and high-energy.
Supply List
  • coloring supplies to decorate our magical door.
Once a week One-Time Class
40 minutes Class Duration
5 Kids Class Size
Ages 3-8 Age Range
USD 10.54 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

I am a firm believer that a happy student, is a student who will want to learn. I am Miss Carrie and I have many years of teaching experience. I try to keep my students engaged and entertained.
I am passionate about American History, animals, writing, and teaching little ones.
I am a very energetic and fun teacher. I want my students to learn, but it is just as important that they come away from my class with a positive attitude towards learning.