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Draw More
Join our ‘Draw more’ online. Maximise your drawing ability step by step with the teacher learning different technique, drawing, sketching, shading.
Draw More
The foundation of art the ability to draw any time any where. To work on our creative thinking and skills. All you need sketch book A4, pencil and colour pencils plus yourself. See you !!!
Learning Goals
  • Creative
  • Drawing coordination
  • Social skills
  • Colouring skills
  • Relaxation
  • Joy
  • Self establishment
  • Good drawing skills
  • Finish the drawing before next lesson
  • Practice
Supply List
  • A4 art sketch book
  • Pencil
  • Colour pencils (water soluble)
Once a week One-Time Class
1 hour Class Duration
12 Kids Class Size
Ages 3-8 Age Range
USD $26.37 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

"I am an artist, art teacher come from strong Fine art / Graphic illustration back ground Graduated from Reading and Kingston university England. It's a place dear to my heart. Drawing plays big part in every single day of my life. Starting my own art institution with proper traditional and contemporary methods of approach. My goal is to influence other learners the values loyalty and hard work as well as skills to become a great artist. I am coming in strong, with passion and with purpose. I am the founder of this company and I am going to give it my all."