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Crystals and Gems - Show and Tell

Join me to share your own, and enjoy other's, beautiful gems, minerals and geodes

Crystals and Gems - Show and Tell


This class is for learners who want to share their love of gems, crystals, minerals and rocks. Students often want to spend a good part of class time in my other rocks and crystals classes sharing what they have. This class will provide a platform for structured sharing with some useful information about the stones, where possible. Tips for discovering more about the rocks will be shared. This is a good class for students who have already attended one of more of the crystal and gems classes. And it is also a good lead in for the Identification of rocks and Minerals class.
1- Welcome and introductions- 5 min
2- Individual sharing- Each student (if 5 enroll) will have 5-6 minutes to share a few of their favorite specimens and share what they know about them. If fewer children enroll sharing time will be adjusted accordingly.
3- The teacher will wrap up the class in the last 10 minutes with tips on how to obtain further information about the children's rock specimens and will post a handout with further information for students to download.
4- The teacher will encourage children to study further by taking, "Crystals and Gems: Identifying Minerals and Gems" class to learn more about rock and mineral identification practices.

Learning Goal
  • To have the opportunity to share with others crystals, minerals, and rocks that they love and enjoy collecting
  • To practice social skills by sharing in a constructive and orderly manner
  • To become more knowledgeable about how to obtain information on the rocks they are collecting
  • To further an interest in rock collecting
Language Conducted
  • English
  • Students will gain additional knowledge about the rocks and minerals they own
  • Students will engage in a structured social time with peers
Supply list
  • Children will bring at least five (5) samples of their own rocks and gems to class to share with the other students

Class Schedule

Once a week

One-Time Class
35 minutes
Class Duration
5 Kids
Class Size
Ages 8-13
Age Range
USD 17.85 Total
Price Per Learner (USD)

Available Time

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Meet Course teacher

Ms. Bobbi

Ms. Bobbi


I hold a Bachelor's degree in Education and have taught for many years. I have loved reading since I read my first chapter book at age seven, so I enjoy teaching book studies. I have always had a passion for science. I love rocks and minerals, plants and herbs, and in general most sciences. I believe children, like myself as interested in the mysterious and the strange. Learning is an adventure. My mission is to make learning fun.

Some of my online courses include book studies for kids from 8 to 15 years; STEM and STEAM classes; preschool classes including phonics, pre-math, pre-language, and story times. I have a very popular series of classes on rocks, minerals, and crystals for ages 8-13. I also teach geography classes. My years as an elementary and as a preschool teacher have prepared me to teach these subjects effectively to a wide range of ages. I taught my first online class in 2004!

I enjoy teaching classes that highlight my own hobbies and interests such as gluten-free cooking, and the mysterious and strange things in life. I can provide a listing of classes I have developed upon request.
I am a passionate teacher with more than forty years of experience teaching preschoolers to adults. I have taught in home-school, preschools, private preschools, and public preschools. I have trained teachers as an adjunct instructor at a community college, and have taught grades 2, 3, 4, and 5 in public and private schools. I've spent a large part of my career simultaneously holding workshops, and training and mentoring childcare professionals while teaching kids full time. More than 100 childcare professionals have earned a CDA credential under my tutelage. Many more have completed their associates degree in Early Childhood Education.

While my professional experience is extensive, the heart of my passion is kids. I love playing with children to help them learn. Every child has his or her own learning style and as a teacher, I strive to find how best to help children create their own learning.

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