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Crystals and Gems - Quartz

Join me and learn some fun facts, history and characteristics of beautiful quartz crystals

Crystals and Gems - Quartz by LEARN Anytime Anywhere


Join us to learn some fun facts and beliefs about amethyst, citrine, milky, and rose quartz, one small part of the vast family of silicate crystals.
During the class we will discover the structure of quartz, and why the colors vary. We will find out where quartz crystals can be found and some uses for quartz crystals.
Many believe quartz crystals have special properties that promote healing, well-being and mystery. Learn more about these beliefs and let us know what you think!
At the end of class we will play a Jeopardy like game to see what we have learned.

Students are encouraged to take notes on the information about the crystals presented in class. They may use their notes when playing the game at the end of the class.

Learning Goal
  • To learn basic facts about quartz crystals
  • To discover uses for quartz
  • To learn about some metaphysical properties of the gems
Language Conducted
  • English
  • Students will gain knowledge about minerals in the quartz family of silicate crystals
Supply list
  • Students will need paper and pencil. They may bring samples of their own quartz crystals, if desired.

Class Schedule

Once a week

One-Time Class
40 minutes
Class Duration
5 Kids
Class Size
Ages 8-12
Age Range
USD 23.08 Total
Price Per Learner (USD)

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Ms. Bobbi

Ms. Bobbi


I hold a Bachelor's degree in Education and have taught for many years. I have loved reading since I read my first chapter book at age seven, so I enjoy teaching book studies. I have always had a passion for science. I love rocks and minerals, plants and herbs, and in general most sciences. I believe children, like myself as interested in the mysterious and the strange. Learning is an adventure. My mission is to make learning fun.

Some of my online courses include book studies for kids from 8 to 15 years; STEM and STEAM classes; preschool classes including phonics, pre-math, pre-language, and story times. I have a very popular series of classes on rocks, minerals, and crystals for ages 8-13. I also teach geography classes. My years as an elementary and as a preschool teacher have prepared me to teach these subjects effectively to a wide range of ages. I taught my first online class in 2004!

I enjoy teaching classes that highlight my own hobbies and interests such as gluten-free cooking, and the mysterious and strange things in life. I can provide a listing of classes I have developed upon request.
I am a passionate teacher with more than forty years of experience teaching preschoolers to adults. I have taught in home-school, preschools, private preschools, and public preschools. I have trained teachers as an adjunct instructor at a community college, and have taught grades 2, 3, 4, and 5 in public and private schools. I've spent a large part of my career simultaneously holding workshops, and training and mentoring childcare professionals while teaching kids full time. More than 100 childcare professionals have earned a CDA credential under my tutelage. Many more have completed their associates degree in Early Childhood Education.

While my professional experience is extensive, the heart of my passion is kids. I love playing with children to help them learn. Every child has his or her own learning style and as a teacher, I strive to find how best to help children create their own learning.

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