Classical Guitar - Experience Class - English
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Classical Guitar - Experience Class - English
This course will be a brief description about what classical guitar is about, what fingerings and what music can be played. After this experience class, you will know how I teach and how you can play your guitar beautifully.
Classical Guitar - Experience Class - English
In this experience class, I will talk about what is the difference between classical guitar and other types of guitar (fingerstyle guitar). and you will learn the correct fingerings and the scores. Under my guidance on this day, you will learn how to play a single melody. You definitely can learn how to play melody and harmony together later on when you continue learning from me.
Learning Goals
  • Your kid will know how to use guitar to play a song!
  • You will have an idea what is classical guitar
  • For beginners
External Resources
  • Teacher will provide external resources if requested
Once a week One-Time Class
40 minutes Class Duration
8 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 8-18 Age Range
USD 15.81 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

I am a profession guitar and ukulele teacher with a Music degree. I have over 20 years experience and I can teach from kids to elderly. I can teach private or in group lessons. My lessons are fun and will be full of encouragement. I will teach my lesson in progress and also systematic. And for group class, I will also use some funny strategies to hold the lesson. We can have group dynamics, and students can play music games. Group class is never boring and usually makes u laugh!

I am now studying Master of Education in the Education University of Hong Kong, and I like to think of different ways to teach some SEN students and I am considerate and patient. I love to teach and please come and learn under my guidance.