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Science & Nature
All About Sloths
Learn all about these fascinating little creatures.
All About Sloths
In this one-time course, we are going to learn all about those fascinating, curious, and amazing creatures, sloths. Lately, everywhere you look you see a sloth. These little guys can be found on everything from clothes to backpacks, and even socks! The cute little critters have become a pop culture phenomenon in their own right. In this class, we will go on a fun-filled, fact-finding mission to find out everything there is to know about sloths. We will be learning all about their diet, habitat, behaviors, conservation efforts, facts, and many other things. We will also explain and explore why sloths are suddenly everywhere! We will even learn how to draw a sloth. You will learn all about sloths during a fun interactive lecture. Come join me on this exciting safari!
Learning Goals
  • To learn the diet, lifespan, habits and other interesting facts about sloths
  • By the end of class your learner will be able to state some facts about sloths and be able to draw one
  • The willingness to learn and have fun :)
  • Graphic provided will be provided for children to fill out after class with all the facts they learned
Supply List
  • Learners should bring whatever they like to draw with to class
Once a week One-Time Class
1 hour Class Duration
12 Kids Maximum Class Size
Ages 9-13 Age Range
USD 10.58 Total Price Per Learner (USD)

I am a firm believer that a happy student, is a student who will want to learn. I am Miss Carrie and I have many years of teaching experience. I try to keep my students engaged and entertained.
I am passionate about American History, animals, writing, and teaching little ones.
I am a very energetic and fun teacher. I want my students to learn, but it is just as important that they come away from my class with a positive attitude towards learning.